Estate & Tag Sale Service


- We sort and categorize all items

- We research unusual, uncommon and rare items

- Through extensive library of books

- By using on line services such as art net

- Through personal contact with specialty dealers

- All precious metals such as gold and silver, are sorted, tested & weighed

- We will get you the best possible current market price for these items

- Items are put on tables with tablecloths; valuable items are in locked cases

- All items over 50 dollars are accounted for

- The appropriate number of staff is engaged to help

- We limit the number of people in your home at one time

- We only accept cash payment

- Sale is advertised in several newspapers and on line

- Items are priced realistically so they will sell.


The number one rule of any contents saleā€¦

Unsold merchandise does not put any money in your pocket.


The best venue for selling your items for the most possible money is considered.

- EBay

- Live auction

- Bringing in specialized dealers

- Buy out

- Private sales

- Combinations of several of the previously mentioned

- One, two or three day public tag sale


Our priority is to make the most money for you.

Percentage can be as little as 24 percent with no upfront cost, for large estates this can be reduced even further.


Yes, we have excellent references.


For a free on site consultation call Alicia at: 908 303-2632