These are nine ways to sell your antiques or collectables.


- Sell to an Antiques Dealer, Friend, or Acquaintance.

- Sell at a Garage or House Sale.

- Take Your Items to a Consignment Shop.

- Sell Through an Auction Gallery.

- Sell at a Country Auction.

- Sell at Flea Market or Show.

- Place an Ad and Sell by Phone or Mail.

- Find a Customer by Writing or Calling.

- List your items on EBay or another similar site.


There are advantages and drawbacks to each of these listed above not all ways are appropriate for every item.


Another challenge of selling your items is determining the fair market value or correct price.


The seller’s dilemma is:


If you price it too low you lose revenue, if you price it too high and it is still sitting on the shelf at the end of the sale; you lose revenue.


PricelessFind is not married to a specific method, we are not auctioneers, an EBay drop off site, we do not have a retail storefront, and we do not have another business. We work directly for you, in pricing your items and selecting which method will bring the best result for each item



Our team has expertise in a number of fields including:


- Pottery, Porcelain & Glassware

- Books & Manuscripts

- Paintings & Prints

- Linens and Textiles

- Garden Ornaments

- Outdoor Furniture

- Jewelry

- Antiques

- Contemporary Furnishings


It is amazing what people will buy; We have sold post cards, matches, manuals, unopened food, cleaning supplies, clothing, linens, towels, clothing, sheets, glassware etc…these everyday items can add considerably to the success of your sale.